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Key EPW Members Offered Bill To Reauthorize Diesel Program.

[6/28/17] According to E&E Daily, “A popular program to take older, higher-polluting diesel vehicles off the road would get a five-year reauthorization under bipartisan legislation introduced yesterday by Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) and other top members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. The bill, S. 1447, would renew [...]

ICCT Found Major Vehicle GHG Rule Benefits Which Complicated Trump Review.

From Inside EPA June 22, 2017 According to Inside EPA, “A clean transportation group is underscoring its earlier findings that the Obama EPA overestimated compliance costs for its light-duty vehicle greenhouse gas standards, finding that its own estimates of the technology costs to meet the standards would translate to much [...]

ICCT Presents Analysis of the Blunt-Stabenow Harmonization Bill

On last week's AESI call (June 12, 2017) Senior Fellow and U.S. Co-Lead, John German presented ICCT's  Analysis of the Harmonization Bill. Here's some key takeaways from the presentation: Download the Full Blunt-Stabenow Bill Analysis The Bill sets the course for delaying the 2017-2021 [...]

Op-Ed: Fuel Economy Standards Strengthen Automakers

June 15, 2017 Highlights from Fuel Economy Standards Strengthen Automakers, an op-ed in Detroit News by Drew Kodjak, Executive Director of the International Council on Clean Transportation Link to full store here If President Trump and Congress want to inspire automakers to build more cars here in the U.S., then [...]

Members of the Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) of Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states are warning that early data show 2017 ozone levels are worsening

June 7, 2017 Industry and Regulatory News include OTC's Spring Meeting, Designations Delay, and the CSAPR Revision.  Updates from the Ozone Transport Commission's (OTC) Spring Meeting on June 6, 2017 in Saratoga Springs, NY:   Members of the Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) of Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states are warning that [...]

White House Said To Defer Attack On California’s Vehicle GHG Waiver Power

March 8, 2017 Any attacks on California's authority to set more stringent vehicle standards will likely be deferred for a few months. The White House has been considering scenarios including an executive order concerning vehicle GHGs and possibly targeting California's GHG standards as an intrusion on the DOT's authority to [...]

Battle between EPA and California over Vehicle Rules could be Taking Shape

From Inside EPA DAILY NEWS Updated March 3, 2017 Trump EPA Poised To Reverse Course On Obama Vehicle GHG Decision (Updated) California's Determination California officials Jan. 18 proposed to retain the state's current GHG tailpipe standards for MY 2022-2025 vehicles -- in line with existing national rules and EPA's recent [...]

Excerpts (on vehicles and ozone) from Scott Pruitt’s responses to Democratic Senators’ Questions regarding EPA Administrator Nomination

Vehicle related questions/responses   Clean car standards save consumers money at the pump and help reduce oil imports. Automakers are complying with vehicle standards ahead of schedule. As Administrator, will you commit to support, defend and enforce EPA’s current programs to address emissions from vehicles?   SP: Congress has [...]