Supplier investments and jobs rely on consistent, long-term policy signals but more is needed

 Washington – The Automotive Technology Leadership Group (ATLG), an informal alliance of groups representing America’s motor vehicle parts manufacturers, advanced materials manufacturers, and emission control and efficiency technology companies, released the following statement in response to Ford, Volkswagen, Honda and BMW agreeing to a voluntary framework to meet vehicle greenhouse gas emissions standards nationwide:

This voluntary agreement should help reduce the significant uncertainty for American jobs, innovation and investment that has been growing since the proposed rule was issued.  

As stated in the principles we released in April 2018, we strongly prefer one national program, which creates clear market signals for the development and deployment of advanced clean vehicle technologies and equipment in the United States.

We hope that this announcement will be a catalyst to a negotiated national program with California, thereby avoiding protracted litigation that could chill continued growth in our sector. The agreement was a product of good-faith negotiations, and could serve as a model for further progress toward the kind of standards that will protect billions of dollars in current and potential investments and hundreds of thousands of jobs.  

These organizations and their members represent a significant amount of investment for the U.S. and global economy. The motor vehicle supplier industry contributes nearly 2.4 percent of U.S. GDP and employs 871,000 people, up 19 percent since 2012. The emission control technology market for new light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles in North America was approximately $20 billion in 2017 (as part of an overall global market of $95 billion). The aluminum industry in the U.S. directly employs 162,000 workers and generates $71 billion in economic activity. Employment and investment in the aluminum industry has increased in recent years thanks largely to record demand in the automotive market.

Advanced Engine Systems Institute is a trade association of companies that manufacture vehicle pollution control and efficiency equipment and technologies.
The Aluminum Association represents aluminum production and jobs in the United States, ranging from primary production to value added products to
recycling, as well as suppliers to the industry.
The Emission Control Technology Association represents the world’s leading developers of emission-control technology.
Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association member companies include leading manufacturers of emission control and efficiency technology for all mobile sources.
Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association represents more than 1,000 companies that manufacture motor vehicle components, systems and materials for use in passenger cars and heavy trucks.