From Inside EPA June 22, 2017

According to Inside EPA, “A clean transportation group is underscoring its earlier findings that the Obama EPA overestimated compliance costs for its light-duty vehicle greenhouse gas standards, finding that its own estimates of the technology costs to meet the standards would translate to much higher net consumer benefits under a range of gas price scenarios. The fuel economy and GHG standards ‘are an exemplary public policy with benefits that consistently and greatly exceed costs,’ says the International Council for Clean Transportation (ICCT) in a June 21 report, adding that model year 2025 vehicles that comply with current requirements will give consumers ‘thousands of dollars in fuel savings per vehicle.’ The group’s report comes as the Trump administration is reconsidering the Obama EPA’s January determination maintaining current standard levels for MY22-25, restarting a mid-term review of those standards. EPA’s review will occur alongside a new Department of Transportation (DOT) rulemaking to set parallel fuel economy rules for those model years. The process is scheduled to end in April 2018. ICCT’s reports are sure to become part of EPA’s regulatory docket for the mid-term review, as automakers are readying their own studies expected to make the case for more flexible standards.”

The ICCT report is available here.